The Archive

Primary Manuscript Sources

B.L. (British Library)

Add. (Additional Manuscripts): 23117 Lauderdale Papers; 39205 Sir George Mackenzie, first Earl of Cromartie, History of the Family of Mackenzie, 1849 transcript with annotations by Lewis Mark Mackenzie

39208 ‘Allangrange Manuscript’, History and Genealogy of the Chiefs of the Name of Mackenzie containing their history from Colin Gerald who was the first that came to Scotland

39208, f. 168 Notes on the Suddie family by Kenneth Mackenzie, 3rd of Suddie

40720 Dr. George Mackenzie, Genealogical History of the Fitzgeralds and Mackenzies

40721 (1) The Rev. John MacRa, A Brief Geneological [sic] –Historical Account of the Origin, Rise, and Growth of the Family and Surname of Mackenzie from Colin the First Baron of Kintail, to Kenneth the Third Earl of Seaforth’s death, which happened 16th September, 1678 – written first in several letters to a friend, and now collected into one continued discourse, by J.M., transcript of 1865

40721 (2) “Allangrange Manuscript”, History and Genealogy of the Chiefs of the Name of Mackenzie containing their history from Colin Gerald who was the first that came to Scotland, MS from Murdoch Mackenzie, Esq., Calcutta, Balavil, Feby. 1857, transcribed by Lewis M. Mackenzie of Findon, 1878

Edinburgh Public Library

RBR QX DA7583MK 37 Mackenzie Family Manuscript.

Glasgow, Mitchell Library

MS 591699 A Deduction of the Family of Seafort from its first Settlement in Scotland down to the present time 1755 and The Genealogy of the Mackenzies preceding the Year 1661 written in the Year 1669 by a person of quality’; MS 591702 Hector Mackenzie, untitled manuscript History of the Mackenzies, ‘from his Hous at Dingwall, 6 September, 1710’; MS 591701-591706 Seaforth Papers

N.A.S. (National Archives of Scotland, Register House, Edinburgh)

GD 46 Seaforth Papers; GD 305 Cromartie Family Muniments; PA2 Acts of Parliament; E.65 Forfeited Estate Papers. Register of Sasines.

N.L.S. (National Library of Scotland)

MSS 1118-5209 Mackenzie of Delvine Papers; MS 34/6.27

“Applecross A”: ‘The Genealogie of the Surname of Mackenzie since their coming into Scotland” (Collected by John Mackenzie of Applecross); MS 34/6/27 and MS 657

“Applecross B”: “The Genealogy of the most considerable Families descended by Males of the House of Mackenzie preceding the year 1667, collected by John Mackenzie of Applecross’”

MS 72/1/1 ‘“1467 MS written in an about that date by Dubghall Albanach ma MhicPháil”

N.R.A.S. (National Register of Archives of Scotland)

143 Mackenzie of Gairloch Papers. 

The Delvine Papers, in the National Library of Scotalnd, in particular are an invaluable source of legal, political, financial and personal history of the family since successive members of the Mackenzie of Delvine family acted as lawyers for their numerous cousins from the end of the 17th century to the end of the 18th century. This exceptional archive of correspondence remained hidden from the world for centuries at the Mackenzie of Delvine family seat, in a cupboard, the door of which was papered over. Their discovery by a butler in the 20th century has been invaluable in shedding light on the history of this family during this period.