What is the Clan Mackenzie Initiative?

The Clan Mackenzie Initiative is a collaboration of friends with genuine interest in the Clan Mackenzie, historical and otherwise. Our aim is to promote the interests and activities of the Clan Mackenzie as well as correct much of the misinformation that is so prevalent today.

Can I join the Clan Mackenzie Initiative?

By definition, one cannot “join” the Initiative. There is no membership roll or dues paid by anyone. But you can support and even contribute to it, not financially, but by means of research and discussion. All information provided in this Initiative is provided by volunteers and free of charge. Critique and opinions are welcome.

Why this form of the Coat of Arms?

We have chosen to display the specific emblazon of “azure, a stag’s head cabossed or with a five-pointed star azure between the attires” on our website, because our key purpose is historical accuracy and this shield shows the earliest heraldic device employed by members of Clan Mackenzie, before personal arms were required to be registered by law in Scotland (See THE COAT OF ARMS page for a more detailed explanation). While the stag’s head was displayed on a variety of seals as early as the 13th century in Scotland on the Ragman Roll, the reason for the presence of the star between the antlers on these 16th and 17th century forms of the Mackenzies’ arms (subsequently removed from the Chief’s personal arms in by the end of the 17th century) is a matter of interesting historical speculation that is too complex to be discussed here.