Castle Leod

Imagine staying at Castle Leod. Not a former home of Mackenzie’s. Not a restoration project from a third party. No. Imagine being able to stay at Castle Leod. The home, the seat of the Clan Mackenzie.

Maybe this has seemed like a far off dream. Perhaps it isn’t.

Vintage Post Card of Castle Leod

The Clan Mackenzie Charitable Trust is raising money to complete the restoration of Castle Leod in order to give the building a secure future and you the opportunity to come and stay at the Castle. Here at, our goal is to “promote the interests and activities of this famous Clan” and do what we can to support this effort.

If you’d like to help make Castle Leod a place you could stay on your next visit to Scotland, consider donating to The Clan Mackenzie Charitable Trust at .

Donations of £ 1,000 to the CMCT are recognized at Castle Leod by granting the name of the donor to go on the Guardian Shield near the main entrance of the castle.

The Clan Mackenzie Initiative is now offering a shirt design where 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Clan Mackenzie Charitable Trust. Choose from white, black or gray. Contact us for pricing and sizes.

For more information, check out the latest Clan Mackenzie Podcast here –

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